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Sarah Greer, MS, CCC-SLP, CLC

   Owner, Speech-Language Pathologist


Sarah Greer is a licensed Speech-Language Pathologist and Certified Lactation Counselor with more than a decade of experience providing speech, language and feeding therapy to children of all ages. She is passionate about helping children and their families find feeding success.  Whether you need support with a complex feeding/swallowing disorder, help navigating typical feeding milestones, or anything in between, Sarah has the experience and expertise to work towards your goals!​


Sarah was most recently a senior clinician and head of dysphagia education at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, where she developed specialized skills in complex feeding and swallowing disorders.  She has served as a clinical instructor and adjunct professor, participated in feeding-based research, and has been published in a graduate level textbook. 

Sarah moved back to North Carolina to be closer to her family and enjoy the warmer weather.  On the weekends you can find her at the Carrboro farmer's market, biking, or playing backyard baseball with her kids. 


Inclusive. Family-Centered. Evidence-Based.

At Evergreen, we know that eating is more than just a biologic need, and that the ways we participate in eating look different for every child and family. We believe that feeding goals should fit your child's strengths and your family's values. We work with you to find a meaningful path toward safe, happy, and functional eating and swallowing - whatever that may mean for you!


We are committed to therapy practices that are evidence-based, personalized, engaging, and practical. We believe that therapy should be a collaborative process, and we are committed to providing support to you and your child every step of the way!

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Comfortable. Functional. Convenient.

Providing therapy in your home offers many benefits for you and your child, and at Evergreen we are proud to offer this service!

For many children, being at home can increase participation and make therapy more functional. We can implement practical solutions in "real time" and can better consider your family's lifestyle. We work with your child's own utensils, chairs, and routines to build the plan that fits your child best!

Caregivers often find that in-home therapy makes them feel more confident outside of therapy sessions. We can devote more time to meeting your feeding goals, and you can spend less time traveling to appointments!

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